Suppose you have worked as a company freight driver or an owner-operator who was leased. If so, you may be ready to take on the trucking license and run your own company. This is particularly true when you’ve had experience in both these roles. Obtaining your trucking permit could be relatively easy, but being aware of your requirements, based on the region in which you are operating, could prove more difficult.

What are the types of trucking authority?

Your ability to operate and run a freight shipping company is contingent upon having a trucking authority. This consists of a permit and registration given by the authorities. An organization such as Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires specific documents and insurance coverage before providing a complete authority packages required to allow a truck to be operated legally. The following are the various kinds of authority to operate a truck.

Household Broker

Any business that earns money by transporting the possessions of the households of others to a charge falls into this category. Household goods broker In addition to being able to transport things, the company may need operating authority if it provides binding or nonbinding estimates for packing and unpacking services, an inventory of products, and loading and unloading services.

Property Broker

This type of category referred to as “broker of property,” is the one that handles the transfer of personal property owned by non-residents who do not fall under the definition of household goods. In the same way, they do not take ownership of household goods. The broker doesn’t take control of the property or take responsibility for it.

Household-Goods Hauler

This classification, also known as “Motor Carrier of Household Goods,” usually refers to professional movers. Only goods used in people’s private residences can be transported with the help of carriers having this authority. This includes items bought from a manufacturer or store and demanded to be delivered to the client’s home through a motor vehicle. You should get DOT and MC number┬áto operate with this kind of trucking service.

Property Transporter

The operating motor carrier authority granted to this category covers every regulated commodity except consumer goods. The FMCSA obliges the company to show proof of its liability in the case of bodily injury or property damage claims.

International Household Goods Carrier

Any company that transports household goods internationally but has its headquarters in the United States and is owned by more than 55 percent by a resident, non-resident, or Mexican citizen is required to apply for this type of operational authority. Only companies that satisfy certain specifications are granted this type of operating authority. All international household goods must be able to trace their source of entry in a country different from the United States, or their final destination is in a foreign country than one of the United States under this authority.

Regulated Commodity Hauler

This classification has the exact specifications as the first but refers to any regulated item that isn’t classified as a household item. This is a category that includes companies that transport international cargo in addition to household goods.